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What is IVR ?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

The Digital Receptionist menu within the FreePBX interface provides for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus. A well designed IVR system is one of the key features that can give a company a very professional appearance. An example of an IVR menu would go like this:

"Thank you for calling American Widgets, for sales press 1, for support press 2, for a company directory press the pound key, or you may dial an extension at any time"

TrixBox's FreePBX interface allows us to easily build complex, multi-branching voice menus to help route callers to appropriate departments. For example, once a user presses "2" for support, another menu will ask the user to "press 1 for the Presidio model line, press 2 for the Pendleton model line".

Using the IVR menu system, we can route any valid key sequence to another menu, to a voicemail address, to an extension, or even to a custom application.

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